Igor De Souza
Big Data Evangelist - Software Engineer in a Data Engineer team


Big Data Evangelist, Software Engineer with over fifteen years experience in development. Brazilian Geek, Coffee lover, Sepultura Fan, and In-line Hockey Player, who likes to play with Raspberry Pi and Arduino in my free time, Based in Dublin.

I have a software development background with experience in architecture decisions. I am currently working with Kotlin, but I have good experience in Java, Python, and Scala.

I am passionate about technology and I am always sharing knowledge with the community, through blog posts and social media channels. In my blog, I focus on Java, Kafka, and Raspberry PI, but sometimes I blog about other stuff as well.

Currently, I’m: working at Tenable as a Software Engineer in a Data Engineer team where I help to maintain a Kafka pipeline for a vulnerability scanner platform. Before I was Solution Architect at Oracle, where I helped Product managers and developers answer technical questions and advocate about Oracle Cloud Infrastructure products related to Big Data.

Outside Office: My hobbies are playing with IoT, electronics, Twitter sentiment analysis, electric guitar and In-line Skate/Hockey.
I also run a monthly meetup for Brazilian IT professionals in Dublin with an average of 80 attendees.
Volunteer mentor and assisting Coder Dojo.


  • Play Guitar
  • Inline skate – Hockey
  • Football 5 a side
  • Maker


The best way to keep updated with my projects is checking out my blog, but I have two projects that I keep alive for a long time; Transforming famous people's tweets in cash and Kafka Led Race, focused on STEAM.

Famous people tweets in cash :
Trump uses it to Tweet strong opinions about all sorts of things. Occasionally, those opinions are targeted at publicly traded companies. My idea is some code that constantly monitors Trump’s feed and analyzes each tweet for mentions of publicly traded companies and then, you’d immediately trade the affected stocks based on the detected sentiment: buy if positive and short if negative. After Trump was banned from Twitter I pivoted the project to use other people and ideas, like Elon Musk cryptocurrency. Elon Musk exerts an outsize influence on cryptocurrency markets.

Kafka Led Race :
Start with a Led Strip game where I use the LEDs to create a racing game and grow to a project to teach Kafka nicely using LEDs. In the last year, I have focused on STEAM (Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) and how to create content in the Data Streaming area for Kids or for people that just start in the area. I’m trying to put together the Maker community with Kafka and the Streaming community.